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René House is a Social Enterprise which provides housing and support for vulnerable adults in the Nottinghamshire area.

Our aim is to increase the amount of housing and support available for vulnerable adults in our community.

"We initially just wanted to create nice homes to drive out rogue landlords but then we realised the huge issue with homelessness!"

Theo Brown

(Director & Co-founder)

"What we are doing is giving people a new start and a chance to better themselves. That's what drives me."

Tiffany Brierley

(Director & Co-founder)

LAUNCHED IN LATE 2018... young entrepreneurs Tiffany Brierley & Theo Brown, René House is the product of a joint desire to start a property business that does more. The huge need for housing, especially amongst those on low income and benefits fuelled a deep-dive into possible solutions. 

After 6-9 months of researching, networking, learning (and plenty of mistakes!); the first property in the René House portfolio was launched. A humble 2-bed property that two single, male individuals could call home. 


...the portfolio has grown and will continue to grow in a bid to meet the growing demand. Alongside this, experience, connections, partners, resources and the team have also grown.


René House supports a range of service users including single males and families, with a range of support needs. Since 2018 the organisation has helped people to change their lives and make positive steps towards a better future.


...most people are good but have the capacity to do bad, as opposed to the other way round. We believe that, given the right environment, the right support and a willingness from that person to take responsibility - amazing things can happen.

"When a flower doesn't bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower" - Alexander den Heijer


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We know that we aren't the only ones who feel strongly that everyone deserves a safe, stable and clean place to call home. However, we also know how hard it is to start an organisation from scratch to try and solve the problem yourself (it's bloody hard work!).


If you believe in what we believe in and want to do something about it (but don't want to do it all yourself), why not make a donation below?

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