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Homelessness is an issue that requires a team effort in order to make real, lasting change. As a Community Interest Company (CIC), community is literally a part of our DNA as an organisation.

Services like local authorities, job centres, charities and community groups all work with us to achieve great outcomes for our residents and our community. 

However, it doesn't stop there! We have plenty of supporters and collaborators from the private and public sectors as well as individuals.

"I had such an interesting time with the René House staff this morning, the care they provide through their housing scheme is excellent."

Dame Elizabeth Fradd 

(High Sheriff of Nottingham)

"The support René House offer is of relevance to each individual, tailor made to fit around the needs of each resident rather than a one size fits all approach."

Housing Navigator

(DNLR Probation Service)



We're on a mission to ensure that people are housed & supported and that everyone who needs housing can find it. But, we can't do this alone if you're a support worker, landlord, housing navigator, mental health worker, investor, community project worker or local authority then get in touch with us. If you're none of the above...get in touch with us!


There are lots of ways you can support our mission. If you share our passion in facing this challenge head on then we want to hear from you. 

Community is


Some of the organisations we work with...
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Broxtowe youth homelessness.png

Broxtowe Youth Homelessness

Some of the memberships we hold...
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Become a Corporate Sponsor

Making us your "Non-profit of the Year" or "Charitable Partner". Signal to your customers and staff your commitment to positive social impact.

Enhancing the perception of your brand through cause-related marketing (CRM). A CRM campaign with René House could help to boost trust, perception and public relations with regards to your company's brand.

Creating an event in aid of René House bringing together clients, suppliers, staff and customers together creating great PR opportunities.

Offering staff the opportunity to volunteer time and expertise that could support René House to make the most of our resources for the good our residents.

There are an infinite amount of ways your company could improve its workplace morale, reputation and bottom line, all whilst doing good for society. If you would like to be a part of what we're building then drop us an email or send us a message below.

For-profit companies are becoming much more aware of their social responsibilities. Creating stronger links with non-profit organisations is becoming an increasingly important part of corporate strategy.

There are so many ways for corporate organisations, their staff and customers to support a cause like René House, including:

Donating funds on a one-off or ongoing basis. This is a great way to reiterate the core values of your company and make a real difference to causes that align with your ethos.

Rounding up a few staff members to create a fun team building and fund raising event. Improve staff morale and chemistry all in the name of fundraising, win-win!

Corporate Sponsorsip



We know that we aren't the only ones who feel strongly that everyone deserves a safe, stable and clean place to call home. However, we also know how hard it is to start an organisation from scratch to try and solve the problem yourself (it's bloody hard work!).


If you believe in what we believe in and want to do something about it (but don't want to do it all yourself), why not make a donation below?

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