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"You guys speak to me like a sibling or a friend and I respond better to that."

Current Resident

To date, one of our proudest moments...

...has been supporting one of our residents to regain contact with his children.


After a series of bad decisions, subsequently ending up in prison, he eventually found himself in poorly managed and unsuitable accommodation.


However, after coming to us and fully committing himself to our service he has not only rekindled relationships with his family but has created new relationships through local community and sports groups. He has even gone on to complete qualifications and gain some part time employment. He is now well on his way to a brighter and more independent future. 

We want to create more stories like this, and with your help...we can!

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"I believe that, given the opportunity to move forward grow, it could be a huge success for both the housing provider and those that are fortunate enough to pass through one of these houses on their way to a new future."

Nottinghamshire Police


...with regular donations


a month

Provides some of the basics to encourage self-care and responsibility like toiletries and hygiene items


a month

Sponsors a room. We all deserve a stable place to call home, your support helps to provide that comfort.


a month

Funds much needed guidance, advice, support, and a listening ear, reassuring our residents of a brighter future

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...with one-off donations
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Allows us to welcome each new resident with a warm gift of encouragement with their new path to a brighter future.


Provides an emergency food parcel for a person in need


Helps our residents to access mental health support, and open up opportunities for them to integrate and contribute to society


From all at René House for your donation. Even a small donation can make a big difference in the lives of some of the most vulnerable people who need it the most. 

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